ANNUAL Reports

We contribute to Mexico’s sustainable development along with acknowledged interventions. Therefore, Nacional Monte de Piedad, I.A.P., shares relevant information every year about its hard work and important achievements regarding Social Invesment.


Social Investment Report 2019

In Nacional Monte de Piedad I.A.P. we are proud to collaborate with Civil Society Organizations and all together continue with our vocation to transform Mexico helping those who need it most.

In 2019 we granted $ 376.9 million pesos in donations to 611 organizations, and we supported more than 1.6 million people.

We are committed to CSOs and together support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and the promotion of human rights.

Let’s continue transforming Mexico!


Social Investment Report 2018

Innovation to create social value

In 2018 we dedicated $334.6 million to Social Investment to support 3.6 million people in vulnerable conditions. More than 2 million people were also supported by the 632 Civil Society Organizations with which we join efforts to strengthen our Virtuous Circle of Help.

Through innovation, in Nacional Monte de Piedad I.A.P. we look for new ways to create social value to “Help those who need it”. This statement summarizes our commitment and responsiblity to contribute to Mexico’s sustainable development.


Social Investment Report 2017
Transforming Mexico Together with Commitment

Pawn loan operations are the origin of National Monte de Piedad, I.A.P. and these have allowed us, since 1775, to “Help those who need it” by providing financial services to popular sectors that did not have access to financing. Today, pawning is for everybody and it benefits us all.

243 years later, with a story that has left a deep milestone in the third sector, our institution continues working on contributing to the country’s Sustainable Development.

In 2017, we destined $392 million pesos to projects that boost the development of habilities for institutions, in order for them to become more effective, transparent and aligned to human rights.

We want to continue Transforming Mexico Together with Commitment.