To contribute to the Sustainable Development of Mexico

In 2015, our Institution joined the United Nations Global Compact, seeking to comply with its 10 Principles and implement policies that will help Mexico reach the goal proposed in the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Our actions related to Sustainability, oriented to our pawn loan operation, are based on three pillars that foster the creation of environmental and social shared value:



Social Impact


Strategies to reduce our environmental impact and articulate environmental value creation projects.

Strategies focused on enhancing our actions within Mexican society.

Strategies focused on putting into practice values that characterise us.

To achieve this:

We implement actions to reduce the Environmental Footprint generated by our commercial activities.

We respect and promote the fulfilment of human rights.

We raise our labour standards.

We adopt measures to eliminate discrimination.

We have achieved all of this by working with our stakeholders: employees, clients, suppliers and civil society organisations.