Our Goal

To contribute to the Sustainable Development of Mexico.

Lo hacemos como una organización de segundo piso, es decir, que no atendemos directamente a las personas en situación de vulnerabilidad, sino que lo hacemos a través del apoyo a otras organizaciones.

We work hand-in-hand with civil society organisations and other change agents, in order to contribute to close inequality gaps and to fight poverty in Mexico, through social investments focused on the achievement of results and full exercise of rights, aiming to the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Three specific objectives guide our work:


Facilitating access to essential quality services.

Contributing to ensure that people in vulnerability conditions are provided with quality services by the institutions we support.


Promoting sustainable livelihoods development.

Contributing to ensure that people assisted make positive and sustainable changes in their life conditions.


Boosting active engagement of several stakeholders in the development process.

Contributing to ensure that different change agents participate in solving the social problems faced by our country.

Some of the most important results achieved last year:

Social Investment Report 2019 – Innovation to create social value